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Euro-me is invited by Roland to attend global distributors meeting and 2016 EUROBLECH Exhibition

Source : Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co., Ltd.    Time : 2017-02-16    Hits : 6002

    On Oct. 23td, Euro-me is invited to attend the global distributors meeting of Roland for sharing successful experience with cooperative teams all over the worlds.

    Roland has also introduced the latest development trend of automotive and tubes industry. Double sheet detection UDK20 and weld seam detection SND40 are looked well. And also, many new products are in development and update. We will pay great attention to the long-term cooperative partners. We are proud of having strong partners and exciting atmosphere.

    Hannover EUROBLECH every two years is held on Oct.24th, 2016. Roland and its two subordinated brands, inspection of weld seam EHR and sheet thickness measuring Kurschat, have take part in this exhibition. Euro-me has entertained the customers specially from China.

    EUROBLECH refers to Metal processing, automobile stamping and industries. All the OEMs, robotic factories and automation factories inside the industry (such as Schuler, Fagor, NSM, ABB, KUKA, JIER, Gudel) have attend this exhibiton.